Login to any website using QR Codes

QRAuth is an iPhone App that allows users to login to their favorite web sites using the camera on their phone.  Users install the app on a camera enabled iOS device and install the Safari/Chrome/Firefox browser extension.  Pressing the toolbar button pops up a QR code that logs the user into the current website when scanned.  Works with any website!


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Browser Extensions

Security Overview 

  • All generated QR codes contain 1024 bit RSA signature that is verified by the QRAuth smartphone application.  This ensures that the QR code you've scanned was generated by our secure servers.
  • All internet traffic is encrypted using SSL/TLS.
  • Username/password information is additionally encrypted using AES-256-CBC between the iOS device and the browser extension.
  • Account information is stored on the users phone (or optionally in the users iCloud storage space).
  • Account information stored in iCloud is automatically synced between iOS devices.
  • The application and credential information can be password locked by the user.

See sample screen shots here

Comments or Questions welcome : qrauth@computingobjects.com 

Report a site that isn't cooperating with the browser extension here